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Next Monthly Committee Meeting 6:00 pm, Thursday, August 6th  at Christ the King Church, Hutchinson
Hunger Free McLeod is a group of volunteers that are working to help hungry people in Minnesota’s McLeod County.  Even though there are government programs that provide food assistance to people in need of assistance, and there are other sources of assistance, there are still hungry people.

There are people who qualify for and are using the available programs but are not getting enough assistance to meet their food needs.

There are others who do not qualify for government assistance who are having trouble finding a way to afford to buy the food they need.  These include:

·  Children who are not getting enough food to eat when they are not in school.

·  Families in which the bread winners are experiencing a loss of income due to job loss, reduced hours, reduced benefits, etc.  In  
   these families it has become difficult to make house payments, to pay other bills, and to still be able to buy groceries.

·  Elderly people on fixed incomes that are having trouble finding a way to buy food and to also pay their other bills.

These “missing meals gaps” are what Hunger Free McLeod strives to fill.

We need your financial support to fund supplies and the overhead costs associated with both the Summer Feeding Program and looking forward to the Backpack Food Program
next fall.
Information on sites and times available here.....
(This is a buying club for all; income does not matter)

Pack 1 - $20.00 Combo Pack (4 assorted meat items, 5 varieties veggies & fruits
(formerly Regular Pack)
Pack 2 - $11.00 Mini Meat (a minimum of 4 assorted frozen meat items)
(formerly Meat Only)
Pack 3- $10.00 Produce (5 varieties of veggies, 2 fresh fruits)
(formerly Vegetarian)
Pack 4 - $25.00 Mega Meat (7-9 frozen meat items)
Holiday for Nov/Dec - $30
Packs must be pre-ordered and pre-paid one week in advance
       at the Common Cup office.

Pick-up time is 4:30-5:30 in the back lot by office.
Dates: (4th Thur) June 25, July 23, Aug. 20, Sept. 24, Oct 22
Common Cup Ministry is coordinating delivery of FARE FOR ALL food packages
Sample Pack - Mega Meat Pack 4
Working year around to serve the children of McLeod County
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